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lonely like the sun ✜ or rely on everyone
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31st-Jan-2025 08:59 pm - + !
☏ music release

Have something in common with me, please!
And then? If you want? Comment to be added~

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24th-Jan-2007 07:22 pm - For Byn-chan.
☏ valiant
I hate being sick. >.<

BUT I HATE IT MORE when my friends are sick.

Feel better soon, BynLove.

For YOU I write.....hitsu/mom......... but a mere drabble, forgive me for not coming up with something more cheeringly....cheering. ~_~;;;; AND PLZ TO BE FORGIVING ME because I'VE NEVER WRITTEN these two before.

Title: The Little Ones
Rating: A [for all audiences, dur]
Pairing: Hitsu/Momo
Warnings/etc: potential spoilers, blah, blah, but vague as usual, blah blah, and DAYUM it's a short thing....bah....drabble...other drabbles on the way haha....
14th-Jan-2007 08:57 am - [7 Days] [1:14:07] The Way You Say It
☏ valiant
Missed ALL the other ones, but will probably do them anyway :P tomorrow haha *rolls eyes* always so late! Anyways...happy birthday Rukia, darling. Here's to the hottest pint-sized shinigami with a penchant for all things chappy or strawberry-related [even if the latter is far more subtle.]

Warnings? Nah, 'tis a FAR future fangirl dream of a true Ichi.Ruki spaz. Er....hope you like it? >_>;;;

Title: The Way You Say It
Phrase: "That does not go  there."
Words: 678

notes: This is the shortest thing I have ever written. It nearly killed me. I think I'll write a longer one later. Just to make myself feel better.....but I won't double-post and spam it hahaha......'cause I think that's called er....well, I don't remember but it's unnecessary. That's just me being neurotic. Anyways, YAY Rukia!

Dear one, you are OLD. And we love you. [speaking for all rukia fans, ne?]
4th-Jan-2007 12:27 pm - Fic
☏ valiant

Title: See Everything
Words: about 2,200 or so?
Rating: PG at most, for death I guess
Pairing: Implied, one-sided Kairi-Sora, and implied/stated mutual Riku-Sora
Notes and Warnings: Life is weird and death is weirder and it's all very scary, I realized. Or anyways, that's my explanation for this weird, possible ending/AU one-shot, mutant thing...I've never written for this fandom before, but I was listening to MUSIC and ya, you know how that goes most likely. It always gets the fangirl all emotional and wibbling. HOW pathetic. ::coughs:: Anyways, it's got statements/implications of a boy that likes a boy, slash, or whatever you call it. That's my only OTHER warning.

1st-Jan-2007 02:02 am - theme 32: counting stars: ichi.ruki
☏ valiant
Happy New Year’s everyone. I greet with a plot bunny gone mad…apologies.

Rating: PG-13 at most
Warnings: spoilers? Maybe? It’s AU beyond a certain point since no one knows what will happen but Tite, and frankly this is all very much a fan’s artistic license…so yeah, that’s the warning. Oh, and death, but not in the way you might think.
Genre: some romance, drama, angst, and hope—though I guess hope isn’t a genre
Theme number 32
29th-Dec-2006 10:54 am - Theme 01: Ichi.Ruki: Fic
☏ valiant
Title: The Third Wall
Rating: PG at most...cursing? Only a bit!
Word Count: 5,479
Theme: 01
Notes/Warnings/etc: All quotes are property of Shakespeare. The cast of Bleach is copyright to and property of Kubo Tite. This is the first of the Ichi.Ruki 100 theme list, for me anyway. Wording isn’t exact, some liberties taken…spoilers for most of the series up through some of the arrancar arc, but vague in that particular part, really.

#01 - tiny cage for a golden bird

26th-Dec-2006 07:53 pm - ichi.ruki fanart??? oh god....RUN! :P
☏ valiant
So it's definitely winter and um.....I didn't feel like WINTER today....goshdarn.....stupid "i want to be snow but, oh woe is me, I am mere RAINSLEETSTUFF"....yeah. So some random, spring.summer dress rukia and fashionably questionable ichigo with headphones...and er....yeah.....

I think I need to stick to scribbles... :P

She's so...pale... -_- oh well I think she is compared to Ichi-stupidface anyway.

<3 comments and uhhhhhh.......hope you all had something good to eat over holidays? :)

::wonders what kind of 'holiday dinner' these two would have and comes to the vague conclusion that it would have something to do with Ichigo WEARING the holiday dinner......after putting his foot in his mouth about Rukia's lack of cooking skills.....or something.....probably....or maybe.......hmm okay i'm shutting up now....::

It's frightening how fast and completely this pairing has er.....absorbed my life?


::celebrates with ichigo and rukia plushies::
☏ valiant
Under the cut, 27 icons, most of which are Rukia-centric or at least have the lovely shinigami in them.
Warnings: Spoilers? Maybe. If you haven't seen a certain someone's white blade, then you've been warned....and Ichi.Ruki implications for anyone who really dislikes them ::shrugs::


Comments appreciated, etc, etc, etc, hee.

17th-Dec-2006 09:36 am - Addiction
☏ valiant
SO this pairing consumes me daily and rather than be academically productive, I chose to make some more random Ichi.Ruki centric banners.....because....um......well, just because!
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